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Flashback to: April 2004

As work is done in the member’s section, part of that is adding all of the older pics to the site like those from April of 2004. Here’s some highlights from everything being added. Remember, in the member’s section, along the right sidebar you can select and browse months all the way back to 1997!…

Zips for the People

Now you can enjoy your favourite photo sets anytime you want. Get on over to Zips for the people and you can enjoy a growing selection of photo sets from PFTP. Download them and enjoy them on your computer or portable devices anytime you want and wherever you want.

Welcome to

Porn For The People began in 1996 when Tyler & Matt met and started posting naked photos of themselves on the internet! Their fan base quickly grew and they were contacted by an already established amateur adult couple who suggested they continue taking photos and start filming videos – offering his already established website as…