About PFTP

Porn For The People began in 1996 when Tyler & Matt met and started posting naked photos of themselves on the internet! Their fan base quickly grew and they were contacted by an already established amateur adult couple who suggested they continue taking photos and start filming videos – offering his already established website as a place to link up. After working with this company for six years, Tyler & Matt learned all they could and started their own main website, PornForThePeople.com!

For over 10 years now, Tyler & Matt, who shoot 100% of their own content, post all of these photos and videos, offering you a peek into their daily lives, their travels, the people they meet as well as the personalized custom videos & photo productions surfers & fetishists have requested. Inside you can view over 50,000 pictures as well as a growing selection of full length videos that you can watch right on your computer.

Porn For The People is unique because Tyler responds to each and every email and Matt captures each and every photo and video. The models you see on the site were all personally referred by word of mouth – desiring to explore this fantasy world made reality through photos and videos, all the while exploring relationships and sexuality.