giving the people what they want for over 10 years

this is what becky lesabre and i did ….

becky lesabre and i filmed 3 videos in two days, while her new girlfriend watched us, which was extremely erotic:


hair smelling ….matt smelling becky’s hair (longer than i’ve ever seen becky’s hair before)

butt sniffing gone wild…filmed in the garage after tyler was robbed and bonded, becky shows up to find tyler in a hardcore bondage position on all fours, naked, ass in the air ….leading becky tongue fucking tyler’s asshole (like never before) with two 10-1 countdowns ….tyler counting down slow and then faster asking for it harder ….AND tyler being untied to call the police while becky strips from her tight shorts to grab tyler’s head and shove tyler’s nose deep in her asshole to have tyler nose fucking becky’s stinky asshole deep and hard, sniffing deeply in between.

becky & tyler sexual tickle tortured fantasytyler likes to play sexual tickle torture games with her out of town girlfriend becky when she comes to visit.   the laughter is one of a kind, the bondage at its finest, magic wand, electric toothbrush, ice cubes and finger tickling torture to a tumultuous orgasm.  


email and order early release if you want — photos and videos are ready!


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