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sunday filming fun

daisy came to film sunday night — for a sunday fun day of filming the following:


Power girl And Powerwoman Endurance Testing …. both girls wearing slingback & heels & make-up + tyler with fence net stockings


green kryptonite causing mild pain and weakness, orgasms lessen the pain

pink kryptonite causes weakness and sexual arousal when in contact with breasts and pussy, especially the clit

+multiple orgasms may be fatal


Daisy Secretary Tickle Torture ….Tyler is a lesbian criminal gang member who kidnaps Daisy, a secretary at a financial company and sexually tickle tortures her to force her to reveal the password to her computer’s financial records.

OUTFITS:  Daisy – all white minimal coverage demi push-up bra, low rise v-strong white cotton bikini panty, sheer white blouse, short mini skirt

Tyler – sexy dominatrix-style black short skirt, sheer blouse, white bra and panty

PROPS:  chair, suspension bar, magic wand vibrator, electric toothbrush, blindfold, ropes, cuffs




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