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happy holidays

happy holidays.

i am grateful to say i am feeling 90% better — although slightly low energy from having such a busy summer into fall season with my yoga therapy business as well as online custom art adult film business.   (thank you universe for providing me work that i enjoy doing).  wishing all of you gratitude and joy this holiday season and a wild and crazy new year.

i will have my computer with me while visiting family and friends up north, so email if you please — send script ideas, we only have a few new pending as well as the several long time pending that will be complete one day!  sincere thanks to my long time custom video fetishists and fans for your patience and understanding the past 4+ years will i enjoy being my true dharma at this time — MOM!

love and light to all, especially webmaster wulf who hosts and keeps our sites up and running.

tyler & my team

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