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Tyler’s Bad Ankle Strikes Again 

Wearing tight short skirt, tan pantyhose (for the entire film), shiny black classic high heel pumps.

For more than a year Tyler has been dealing with a bad left ankle. She has suffered 4 sprains in that time only to heal, rehab and have it happen again.  After her last sprain she worked hard with her physical therapist to strengthen the ankle in hopes she can move past the problem. It appears to have worked as of the last few months as she’s been pain free and she has even chosen to wear high heels again, being very careful — until her friday night after work — she goes out with the the girls, dancing the night away and drinking a bit too much, she’s wobbly as she enters the house…stumbling while hydrating, she rolls her left ankle only to get up and stand on it in immense pain as an ice cube leads her to slip and roll her ankle again.  Gingerly & slowly hopping to the bedroom, crutching out to try to put on a tie up ankle brace which is excruciating to put on — and off to the doctor only to return home and be the damsel in distress taking care of her own hurt ankle, icing and resting and sharing her frustration with her friend (and finding out exactly what she did while out).


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