giving the people what they want for over 10 years

february has arrived

happy february 1st to all of you.


utmost gratitude to all of you for continued interest & support and more recently your patience & understanding in email and video turn around time.


mentally organizing recent custom production:

    tyler tickle torturing and sexually stimulating daisy

    power woman and power girl endurance test with daisy


becky lesabre is coming to film two videos mid february:

hair smelling

tied, tickled, sexually tortured 


always on my mind are the few long time members awaiting their productions:

  • tyler’s watersports stories:  bedwetting, classroom wetting, public pants dribble, public accident dare 
  • tyler’s retirement – epic 3 some video …me, matt and male or male/female talent — drinking, kinking, sucking and fucking + more
  • surprise jeffrey!  and/or fantasy night gone awry …tyler tickling matt — wearing elbow length gloves
  • tyler’s tampon chastity torture and tease 






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